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Partner 900 Series
Our best device for language learning and communication.
partner LUX 4 PRO series
Free Speech Translator. No Internet connection needed; start translating with it right out of the box.
iTravl 2 series
A necessity for travel. Communication has never been this easy or fun!
Budget series
Big value for small budget. Instant talking translation of almost any word.
The perfect eReading device for business documents, educational texts, and leisure books.
ECTACO iTRAVL 3 mini series
OFFLINE Voice Translator - Translates anything you say.

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Want a simple way to quickly find the right words at the right time? Buy electronic handheld translators and dictionary software! Hold a world of translation in your hands!

Professional electronic dictionaries and language translators from Ectaco, Inc.

Our award-winning professional dictionaries have the widest range of features. These electronic dictionaries can be used as substitutes for multi-volume book dictionary, as personal language teachers of foreign languages, or as your interpreter abroad.

Partner 900 series translator | Partner 900 PRO series translator

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ECTACO Partner 900 series electronic translators
900 series dictionaries A perfect synthesis of communication and language learning tools, the Partner 900 offers just about every linguistic resource available all in a sleek, handheld system. Unique, you will have complete access to a professional electronic dictionary, translator and programs designed to help you learn almost any language. A full QWERTY keyboard and a vibrant touch screen make the Partner 900 super easy to use for just about anywhere anytime.

Now available: 

Multilingual West European EW900 $ Order now
Multilingual Universal 9ME900AK $ Order now
Multilingual Universal 13MT900 $ Order now
English <-> Albanian Partner EAl900 $ Order now
English <-> Arabic Partner EA900 $  Order now
English <-> Armenian Partner EAr900 $  Order now
English <-> Bosnian Partner EBs900 $  Order now
English <-> Bulgarian Partner EB900 $  Order now
English <-> Chinese Partner EC900 $  Order now
English <-> Croatian Partner ECr900 $  Order now
English <-> Czech Partner ECz900 $  Order now
English <-> Dutch Partner EDu900 $  Order now
English <-> Estonian Partner EEs900 $  Order now
English <-> Finnish Partner EFn900 $  Order now
English <-> French Partner EF900 $  Order now
English <-> German Partner EGm900 $  Order now
English <-> Greek Partner EG900 $  Order now
English <-> Hebrew Partner EH900 $  Order now
English <-> Hindi Partner EHi900 $  Order now
English <-> Hungarian Partner EHu900 $  Order now
English <-> Italian Partner EI900 $  Order now
English <-> Indonesian Partner EIn900 $  Order now
English <-> Japanese Partner EJ900 $  Order now
English <-> Korean Partner EK900 $  Order now
English <-> Latvian Partner ELv900 $  Order now
English <-> Lithuanian Partner ELi900 $  Order now
English <-> Persian Partner EFa900 $  Order now
English <-> Polish Partner EP900 $  Order now
English <-> Portuguese Partner EPg900 $  Order now
English <-> Romanian Partner ERm900 $  Order now
English <-> Russian Partner ER900 $  Order now
English <-> Swedish Partner ESw900 $  Order now
English <-> Serbian Partner ESe900 $  Order now
English <-> Slovak Partner ESl900 $  Order now
English <-> Spanish Partner ES900 $  Order now
English <-> Thai Partner ETh900 $  Order now
English <-> Tagalog Partner ETg900 $  Order now
English <-> Turkish Partner ET900 $  Order now
English <-> Ukrainian Partner EUa900 $  Order now
English <-> Vietnamese Partner EV900 $  Order now
French <-> Arabic Partner FA900 $  Order now
French <-> Polish Partner FP900 $  Order now
German <-> French Partner DF900 $ Order now
German <-> Hungarian Partner DHu900 $  Order now
German <-> Polish Partner DP900 $  Order now
German <-> Italian Partner DI900 $  Order now
German <-> Russian Partner DR900 $  Order now
German <-> Slovak Partner DSl900 $  Order now
German <-> Spanish Partner DS900 $  Order now
German <-> Turkish Partner DT900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Armenian Partner RAr900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Chinese Partner RC900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Estonian Partner REs900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Finnish Partner RFn900 $  Order now
Russian <-> French Partner RF900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Hebrew Partner RH900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Spanish Partner RS900 $  Order now
Russian <-> Turkish Partner RT900 $  Order now
Spanish <-> Chinese Partner SC900 $  Order now
Spanish <-> Korean Partner SK900 $  Order now

ECTACO Partner 900 PRO series electronic translators
900 PRO series dictionaries The most complete and professional linguistic tool ever created; the Partner 900 PRO series is sure to help you with communication and language learning. This handheld system is super portable, and since it does not require wireless access you can use it just about anywhere your travels take you.

Now available: 

EW900 PRO Multilingual$ Order now
EA900 PRO English <-> Arabic$ Order now
EAl900 PRO English <-> Albanian$ Order now
EAr900 PRO English <-> Armenian$ Order now
EB900 PRO English <-> Bulgarian$ Order now
EBs900 PRO English <-> Bosnian$ Order now
EC900 PRO English <-> Chinese$ Order now
ECr900 PRO English <-> Croatian$ Order now
ECz900 PRO English <-> Czech$ Order now
EDu900 PRO English <-> Dutch$ Order now
EEs900 PRO English <-> Estonian$ Order now
EF900 PRO English <-> French$ Order now
EFa900 PRO English <-> Farsi$ Order now
EFn900 PRO English <-> Finnish$ Order now
EG900 PRO English <-> Greek$ Order now
EGm900 PRO English <-> German$ Order now
EH900 PRO English <-> Hebrew$ Order now
EHi900 PRO English <-> Hindi$ Order now
EHu900 PRO English <-> Hungarian$ Order now
EI900 PRO English <-> Italian$ Order now
EIn900 PRO English <-> Indonesian$ Order now
EJ900 PRO English <-> Japanese$ Order now
EK900 PRO English <-> Korean$ Order now
ELi900 PRO English <-> Lithuanian$ Order now
ELv900 PRO English <-> Latvian$ Order now
EP900 PRO English <-> Polish$ Order now
EPg900 PRO English <-> Portuguese$ Order now
ER900 PRO English <-> Russian$ Order now
ERm900 PRO English <-> Romanian$ Order now
ES900 PRO English <-> Spanish$ Order now
ESe900 PRO English <-> Serbian$ Order now
ESl900 PRO English <-> Slovak$ Order now
ESw900 PRO English <-> Swedish$ Order now
ET900 PRO English <-> Turkish$ Order now
ETg900 PRO English <-> Tagalog$ Order now
ETh900 PRO English <-> Thai$ Order now
EUa900 PRO English <-> Ukrainian$ Order now
EV900 PRO English <-> Vietnamese$ Order now
DR900 PRO German <-> Russian$ Order now
RF900 PRO French <-> Russian$ Order now
RI900 PRO Italian <-> Russian$ Order now
RS900 PRO Russian <-> Spanish$ Order now

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